I.D-entity crisis?


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Government ID Proof

Government ID Proof


This article is dedicated to all of us, who have Grown up in India and have so many I.D proofs that they might over run their age (Disclaimer : not to be taken literally if you are 50+).

When I was 16, I wanted a driving license. Don’t get me wrong…I am still a law-abiding citizen of country and had no plans of buying a gun or running my car over a pedestrian, salman khan style J It was this itch about growing up fast, which was responsible for me aspiring to have a D.L before I turn 18.

For all of you wondering if this is possible. I don’t know if it is possible now but it was possible when I was 16 and this was 90s I am talking about. The era of bad movies and good music.

Nevertheless, by the time I was 18 I had two driving licenses and gave the old one to one of the xenophobic traffic cop in Bangalore, who was busy cutting a challan of every hindi speaking bike rider he could find on the road :). He probably would have framed it and put it on his wall to cherish the thought a Driving License wrongly made by his corrupt colleagues up North.

Now since I was left with a genuine I.D card, a driving license and I was 18+, I could claim legally of being an adult citizen of this country, who can use his I.D anywhere to enter bars, ride a bike, etc, etc. A thought which gave my parents nightmares J till the time I passed out of college.

Anyways, my joy was short-lived. In next few years I was loaded with more I.Ds like voters id, rashan card, passport, this card, that card, yeh card, woh card, blah-2 and the worst part about all these cards was the non-resemblance of one of these cards to the other card. i.e, mistakes, which would lead to identity crisis.

For ex, spellings of all the main star cast (you) and supporting cast (dad/mom, then and wife, kid, dog, etc, etc now) would vary from card to card, depending on where they have been made and how accustomed the officers of the place are with “your type” of name. This would lead to “I.D-entity” crisis, a term I coined before writing this blog (I should get it patented before someone else does J )

For guys like me, whose name has taken the brunt of heavily region based accents all across the globe, it’s not easy. I am Jashmeet in Uttarakhand, my native state. Jasmeeth down south, where I did my graduation. Jas-meet with my yank clients, who are glad to meet Jas J , etc.

The problem started when they started doing experiment with the name of star cast in my Ids. My Driving License has Jasmit as my spelling, PAN card has Jashmeet and god knows what I had to go through to get my father’s spelling rectified in my passport. (An affidavit with a newspaper declaration and multiple visits to passport office).

In India, the real issue is not about the number of I.D cards you have. It is more complex than just number of cards, it’s about permutations and combinations of cards for getting a work done. The Sarkar has been very creative to make sure nothing gets done with one card. Let me append to my appraisal of our Sarkar (government). They have not been creative, they have been smart, creative and innovative. How can you fool them? The only persons who are allowed to fool them are terrorists and thieves J we are not even the radar for them. So why this kolaveri id with us for ID cards?

Story behind the complex I.D structure is interesting. One fine day, a government officer in between sipping his endless quota of Tea decided to do something “out of the box” and get a promotion. He reaches to his Minister and tells him “Sir, we have an opportunity of making our country more secure and fool proof” and we will do this by ensuring our Mango Men (Aam Aadmi not Aam Aadmi party ;). If it was them, they would have taken a dharna by now on this issue. I am so glad they are not a part of this blog ) cannot get anything done with one I.D card and this is where guys like me got paper raped J, as they did not give us the luxury of giving spell checker or double checking everything before submitting to government.

Today, many of my bank accounts and insurance policies have me as Jashmeet (my uttarakhandi name), I write my name Jasmeet and my driving license has it as Jasmit

Am I heading for “I.D-entity” crisis?

Story of me and every Indian’s life.

Wait-2 I am not over with this story. Before you all give up hope and start criticizing our government, they came up with a solution, which is India’s answer to SSN (Social Security Number). Yes, you heard it right…Yanks!!! Take this. We can match you now with ideas and this time we don’t even have to ape you.

“Aadhar” is what this mother of all I.D cards is called as. Ding-Dong. You heard it right. This is the same I.D card which is a way out of our miseries and the brain behind this concept is none other than Nandan Nilekani, one of the guys who gave us Infosys.

The next time when your friend says “Mere paas passport hai, voter id hai, DL hai, Pan hai”. Snap at him “Mere paas Adhaar hai”. End of story ;) If only adhaar was accepted everywhere and would be apolitical, something which barely is related to any scheme taken out by our government.

Adhaar has already been declared a failure by many misters of UPA. Food and Supplies department decided to go ahead with their ID system for PDS scheme. Thereby, ignoring adhaar on its face and what did it led to? Loss of some hundred-thousand crores for our government, on account of same work being done twice.

I am at end of my blog and it has me thinking (imagine thinking ;) )

How the hell do I get to connect everything with Loss of tax payer’s money, corruption, etc. Probably, my writing skills have become so anti-corrupt ionized, I cannot think of anything else to end a blog with and probably living with a hope of a corruption free country makes me write it the same way.

Cheers to us, the Multiple I.D Indians with a hope to see a future with no I.D-entity crisis J


AAP ke style effects


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Imagine a world where your elected leader visits your home after elections to ask you about your problems or a political leader not using government allocated car for official travels. Well I don’t know about other countries but in India, I would be like “Seriously…You must be kidding J “.

This is what AAP has done to the national level politics and though kejriwal is no superman, he Aam Aaadmi Part Capis definitely a common man, who has stuck the chord with the common people or aam aadmi. Welcome to the new world of politics, where suddenly everyone is trying to ape the Delhi ka CM.

The effects of AAP are being felt through the country but what about style effects. The same style effects, which are a part of our hip-hop youngsters for whom a guy like me in 30s is an oldie L

Here is a list of AAP ke style effects:

1. The Nehru topi with a twist is the “in-thing”

When was the last time you logged into facebook and saw your closest buddy wearing a topi, which chacha Nehru flaunted on his head all the time and this one had the coolest thing written on it “Aam Aadmi” or “Mango man”…Yeah. Forget hoodies or hats, the in thing is AAP ki topi.

2. Dharnas are cool and hunger strikes are super cool:

Everyone wants to go on a dharna these days. From leaders of ruling party to leaders of opposition party. The funny thing is that the word dharna is no more associated with oldie leaders or a bunch of politically depressed people, it is “The Thing” and guess what, you have just raised the strike thing to a new level, if you decide to go an “A hunger strike”. Yes, the same hunger strike, where you don’t get to eat in front of press/media and hog behind the tent.

For some reason, the above two are perfect constituents of getting a cool selfie clicked and this happened before selfie was included in oxford.

3. The unclish Muffler is no more for uncles:

The next time you cross an old uncle wearing a muffler around his neck like it is some kind of a python trying to strangle him. Don’t you dare mock him…This is the new style statement from our own kejri. If rumors are to be believed, this unclish muffler look would soon be a mandatory part of delhi police as soon as they come under delhi government.

4. I only talk on social media:

Tweet or facebook posts were always about I went to this place, I ate here, blah-2 till AAP came into picture and suddenly the whole world is talking sense on these platforms and you are a dinosaur if you don’t know how to tweet or post facebook post for standing up for national issues.

You also are not a famous tweeter or facebook poster or postman (I just made it up. There is nothing like this ;) )

If you are not a party troll. i.e, you have to be a AAP troll or a congress or BJP troll and social media is  the place to be, if you care for your country.

5. 10 bucks can give you a membership:

What do you get these days in 10 bucks? At least in delhi/ncr, you don’t even get peanuts from street hawkers. Imagine a membership for 10 bucks. You got to be kidding!!! Suddenly everything is so cheap, even the bloody onion and tomatoes are expensive than this.

Yes. 10 rupees has a new meaning. It gives you the ticket to AAP .


There are many more like you cannot scold your maid about not using the right broom (jhadu). She just might call up AAP and get your wrong places spanked with the party which owns the symbol ;)

And then every time you address someone with respect in hindi, it sounds so AAPish.

Time for congress and bjp to think beyond hand and flowers. They seemed to have missed the style statement of youth ;)

En route to 2014 elections


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This is in follow up to my earlier article “2014 elections: the nautanki begins”. Well, we are almost half way past through the nautanki and now it looks very unpredictable. Especially, after the recent elections held in Delhi, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh.

With BJP trouncing congress in 3 of the bigger states and Aaam Aadmi Party humbling congress in Delhi, congress has almost lost its sheen. Probably, anti-incumbency reason or public looking for a change, they are in for big surprise in 2014 elections.

Here is how these parties stand today:

1. BJP:

Last time I started my blog with Congress and for a change, let’s start with bjp this time, as they have clearly decided to take congress head on.

Since the declaration of Narendra Modi a lot has changed. Despite Advani sulking (imagine…he still wants to be the PM ;) ) and some leaders inside BJP opposing Modi, the namo wave is definitely there.

At least, this is what I am expected to believe and since, Rahul Gandhi has been a “no-show” in all his rallies, this is what, I am made to believe. If you compare the crowd number in between their rallies, you would notice what I meant J and even Rahul Gandhi would agree to me.

With the latest wins in the 3 major states, BJP seems to be going full throttle for the upcoming 2014 elections and though, there is a perception about them increasing their tally by 30 to 40 seats from last elections, they would still not be able to get a majority. Reason being, their lack of base in southern states and lack of allies. Especially those, who do not want to offend Muslim votes.

I find the whole talk of him getting votes because of development in Gujarat rubbish. Gujarat is definitely a good state in terms of development but still lacks behind most of congress ruled states in country.

In last few weeks, I have visited official facebook page of Modi quite a number of times and the agenda is pure Hindutava veiled under the name of development. It’s like Hindus want Muslims to leave the country or go in to hiding.

Though he might be a good leader, which is yet to be proved. On the face of it, the fascism and “anti-Muslim” feeling does not look good and to act like an Ostrich, ignore the fact of insecurity in minorities because of him being the face of BJP is utter ignorance.

Not that, BJP has ever been a Muslim lover party in past, we have had babri masjid under them but to have a PM, under whose regime, godhra happened, I am not sure we want such a scenario, where we want such a guy to be PM of our country and this is where voters can be party spoilers for Modi.

Nevertheless, Advani is still fighting from gandhinagar and you never know, what aces BJP has up their sleeves.

 2. Congress :

Ohhh god!!! What was congress thinking, when they decided to make Rahul Gandhi face of their campaign. At least with manmohan singh, the PM did not speak much and when he spoke, he was so inaudible, we hardly heard anything. So, no damage was ever done J

With Rahul, he speaks without logic and makes my hatred stronger for “Crown by Inheritance and not by virtue” logic. Leaders are not born to kings and queens, they are built by virtue of their work.

He has been a letdown and the latest results are a reflection of what congress is missing. They do not have a leader, who can speak like Modi or can gather crowd like Modi. We all would agree that the last 5 years of congress have seen little or no economic growth…Infact, Manmohan singh and Ma’am would agree with me on this J

They have nothing to fear and nothing to lose. Their only hope is that BJP does not get a majority and all the third front parties win a lot of seats and donate it to them…Obviously for a fees like no CBI, good ministries or back door payouts. Remember “Cash for Vote scam”.

The scam tainted party has been trying to get back into the good books of aam janta by supporting aam aadmi party to form government.

Will it be the salvation for Congress is yet to be seen? As of now, they are in a mess and it would take a herculean effort from the oldest party in India to form a government.

3. Third Front:

Confused earlier, zapped now and will be clueless in future. This sums up their struggle for 2014. Last heard “AIADMK” declared Jayalalitha as their PM candidate and…………….It did not even trend on Twitter J

Anyways, never to be written down, watch out for Maya ka jaal and Maulayam ki cycle in U.P, TDP ka taandav in AP or should I say telangana L and Lungi dance of DMK in Tamilnadu with Mamatha ki Mamata in WB.

And this is all we have “En route to Elections 2014”…Wait, I forgot AAP, the toast of nation.

4. AAP

AAP ki Aam Aaadmi Party proved every one wrong in Delhi and are preparing to fight loksabha elctions. So far so good, the party has had its share of controversies. Still, the one point, which still amazes me is the agenda on which they have fought “Corruption” and they almost won Delhi single handedly.

There are detractors, who call them inexperienced or cynical or selfish and though, everyone is entitled to their opinion, I would like to see them at least getting once chance. Give them a chance guys, we have had so many years of congress, bjp, etc, etc and what have they given us? I do not need to answer this question for you.

To sum it up, 2014 is going to be very interesting and we can definitely expect a hangover after the elections.’

The Useless Indian Police: A Second Hand experience (in progress)


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Alright!!! You have heard it and read it before. This is no news to you and you do not give a damn about police, until and unless you have a matter requiring “Their” Attention.

Visiting a Police station is one of the worst experience in India and I mean it, when it say so. It’s even worse than getting yourself injected for a vaccine from a fat ugly nurse in a hospital or being bitten by a rabies infected dog (I obviously do not mean any of this J )

Alight coming to the point, our Diwali this time has turned out to be a Diwala. After a long holiday break of 4 days (yes…this is what we entrepreneurs call a “Long Holiday Break: 4 days” with calls from clients and bashing from Angrej clients asking us about Why “TF” is this a holiday at your end, when the America is working”)…Oh yes, we are expected to work according to the Yankee’s holiday list.

Anyways, the first lonely creäture, who always comes on time to our office, opens the office at 9:40 am and guess what…the door is already open. Must be the peon, who has the keys to office and comes early to clean office, before employees or must be someone has forgotten to lock the door before the holidays.

Never mind, there is a bigger surprise awaiting. He enters inside and sees his prized possession, a white colored “super expensive” apple box missing…He calls me up immediately and I ask for the Peon. Incidentally, the peon is missing. I call up the employees who left in the end before holidays and they assure me about double checking the lock before leaving.

I super rush to our office to look at our HR, who also has lost her laptop. I take full assessment of the losses and the amount of loss is ___ lakhs in terms of stolen stuff and another few lakhs for the code which went as a dowry with the main loot.

Before I get a heart attack, fearing the repercussions of losing the code of a client, who has paid me in advance, I get a call from our partner asking me about the damages. He has some back up of code and some will have to be redeveloped. He takes up a call with client and we have to re-do the lost work for client.

I call up my dad, who is always more experienced, when it comes to handling police.

He has a cop sitting with him (some old pal), who is also posted in Noida. Dad’s buddy assures me of all the help and asks me to go and meet the police station head and take his name. “Name dropping” is our favorite sport after cricket and you win in this sports, if the name dropping works. Well, in my case, I LOST L . I will come to that later.

The last time, we had a theft in our office, someone had picked up our rented generator, kept it on a “Thela” (read it in hindi) and ran away with it…I had to literally go and beg in police station, to make them File a FIR and they didn’t. Ultimately, a compromise was done with the head of security agency, who decided to pay 50% of the total cost of generator and I ended up burning a hole in my pocket, with another 50%.

After the incident, I did some analysis on why my FIR was not filed and they probably did not take me seriously and came out with a list of points, which I promised to not to repeat this time.

  1. Going by car
  2. Wearing formals
  3. Talking professionally and to the point
  4. Asking them their plan to solve the matter
  5. And Lastly, getting a FIR done (yes…The ultimate Eureka moment after visiting a police station, is, id you are able to get a FIR done)

I took my new car to the police station, got out confidently and sat down in the chairs laid down in front of the station and explained my problem.

What was interesting was a room, dimly lit being the chairs. There were 3 police constables or officers playing cards. They were so engrossed in the game that they did not care to even raise their head and look at people visiting police station.

Probably, After Diwali effects or this time the Diwali hafta over exceeded their expectations.

Anyways, I was least interested in them and followed check points 1, 2 and 3 effectively. It worked, two of them agreed to come to my office in my car J . In my mind, I could picture the thief being caught and getting his ass spanked from this newly discovered brand of alert police officers, I had just discovered.

How wrong I was L

They came to my office and checked for theft, questioned few people and went back to their police station and asked me to send a complaint letter to their station, which they would stamp and sign.

Yipee!!!! It was a FIR. What could possibility go wrong now? I have the FIR registered and police is after this scoundrel, who can run, who can ride but cannot escape Kannon ke haath ;) .

Since the only person missing after the theft was our peon, we called him endlessly. He did not pick up his phone the whole day and when he picks up his phone, he tells us that he has left his job. Obviously, we did not ask him to serve his notice period J

He promised to meet us the next day in office to prove his innocence and the next morning, his phone went out of range. I called up the police constable on this case and went to the police station to discuss this new development in case.

He is philosophical, as is it’s not a theft but a sant samagam being conducted at my place. In his inimitable casual style, he tell me “Sardarji. Do not worry. Just tell us where the criminal or your peon is and we will come with you and pick him up”. If only I knew where he was sir, I would not have come to you, Right?

Anyways, the card game behind his is as progressive and lively as yesterday.

I come back to office and call up our landlord, who in turn calls up a Sr. constable to his office. The guy is wearing casuals and I cannot identify him to be a police officer. Nevertheless, our uncle introduces me to him and oh boy!!! He has some stories to tell about his bravado act of catching criminals.

This guy makes himself look like some super cop, who can catch any criminal on this earth and catching our thief does not look like a mirage anymore. It looks like a possibility…Yes. This is our saviors, who will put this thief behind bars.

Incidentally, while all this was happening, we were in to our third day of investigation, with no progress to speak of and then comes a Sunday, when no one works, other than poor downtrodden souls like me.

Busy in grocery shopping with the wife and kid, I get a call from our Hr and guess what, our peon, whose mobile has been dead for last two days had called her and threatened her for complaining about him. I call back the number and the phone is again out of reach.

I call up our “Super Bravo cop”, who is travelling somewhere. He asks me to come and meet him and 10 am the next day, which is today and promises to sort out everything.

Not to be late, I wake up early in morning and leave for office well before time. On reaching the police station at around 10:30 A.M, I have new discoveries to make.

Nothing has changed in this country. The constable who had written our complaint and had handed us the prized “FIR” would be late, the super brave cop is on leave and no one is sitting on the chairs to discuss with people visiting the police station.

I can still see the cards game being played in the room next. Probably they have earned too much during this Diwali or government has given them Diwali bonus for solving all the pending cases.

I started staring at them with anguish, as there was no one to hear me out. Probably they felt embarrassed or they did not like a pair of intruding/prying eyes looking at them, interrupting their game of cards. They ask one of the non-participants (imagine…they had one, the Noble soul) to close the door and meet me.

As soon as he asked me about my problem, I played like a tape recorder and explained him everything from start to end with all incidents, etc, etc and His response was “You can understand how overloaded we are with work. One constable is assigned with too many cases and this is the reason, your case has not been looked into.”

The first thought to hit me, which I so desperately wanted to spell out was WTF are those card playing cops doing inside? Are they too overloaded with playing cards or are they deciding on who will lose all his money and go and catch the thief?

I asked him for the number of the head of police station and he pointed to the wall behind him. Damn!!! 3 days and I missed the number, which has so been so beautifully put on the wall.

I try to call the boss and explain him the scenario…I even “name drop” my dad’s buddy and the response I get is “I am somewhere and will come to office after 5 pm today”

4 days in a row, I have followed up the case and no one has even taken the pain to find the call details of our peon, forget finding him.

Its 4 pm and I would be visiting the police station at 5 pm.

Will keep you all posted. Till then, keep reading and enjoying “My second hand Police Experience (in progress)”

To be continued…

Updated on 21/11/2013

Well we have given up on the case, as nothing has happened. In this time duration, i have met numerous police officers and greased various palms, which i realized was complete waste .

The last update i have is, the peon has gone with the wind and the wind has incidentally flown to Bihar.

To quote the police officer “No one from the police would send a team to Bihar for catching this guy ;)”

You are absolutely right and even i am tired of doubling my loss by dragging my self to this unholy temple of yours for more than 1 week. Probably, you have shared the loot yourself with the thief or are expecting something more from me, which will not happen.


Kissa kursi ka


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Disclaimer : this article is not about political kursis but about the kuris our politicians have held to as an extra kursi “The sports authority head kursi”.

Can someone call Mr. Chautala, Mr. Kalmandi and Mr. Srinivisana and tell them “Enough is Enough!!!”

Please do not malign our country’s image any further and for one time, put your personal agendas aside and think about Indian Sports?

Every time you hear or read about them, you just want to shoot an email to Sports Ministry of India or PMO and ask them to put these guys behind bars or do something, so that they save us from the International Embarrassment.

While all the three have taken different routes to the Glory, the result has been the same. No wonder how hard you try to topple them, they are stuck to the kursi with fevicol between them and the chair. Not a bad idea for fevicol’s new ad : Yeh fevicol ka jaud hai tuttega nahi ;)

En route to Embarrassment:

Ajay Chautala:

An impressive political resume is what you would say, when you look at his credentials. MP, MLA, seasoned politician and the son of grand old Jat of Harayan “OP Chautala” and then there are corruption medals, which he has won with his family members, when his dad was the CM of Haryaan like Recruitment scam Badge, etc, etc. Now isn’t this an impressive resume…A case of too much done in too little time.

When the guy was busy bankrupting Haryana, he would have thought “Why not have another source of income” and here he was buying support to become chief of Indian Olympic Association.

When someone asked him “Sir…Why Indian Olympic Association? We hardly win any medal in Olympics J “

Never mind, enough money is allocated for Olympics and then there are free foreign trips.

The guy went on to take on abhinav bindra, one of the prominent figure in Indian sports.

My suggestion for him is to have jail Olympics and become a president of the same. You never know, which crook in jail might be good at which sport J


Suresh Kalmadi:

What do you do when a country like India gets a chance to host something called as common wealth games and the guy in charge takes the name “common wealth” in literal sense. He decides that since it is common wealth and he is at the top oh hierarchy among all commoners, why not take the largest out of this common wealth J

This is what he did. Along with his bunch of cronies, the money was looted and had it not been for last-minute interference by government, commonwealth games would have been common shame games.

The guy had to go to jail but that did not deter him from standing in next sports elections. Call it heights of shameless or whatever…Nothing teaches these corrupt officials anything


N Srinivasan

You get chosen as a the head of the only sports played in the country, which also happens to control the biggest club league in the sports…what do you do?

Now don’t give me a list of things you can do. It’s a one line answer.

You get corruption in the game, buy everyone and then, along with your family members loot the governing body’s money.

Not that Mr. Srinivisan has any dearth of money…He is the owner of India Cements but then greed has no limit.

In last few years, since Srinivasan has been at the helm of BCCI, we has seen it all. Spot fixing, match fixing, etc, etc and what makes it worse is, involvement of his son-in-law in all these muddy affairs.

Still, he does not want to step down and for some reason the BCCI backs him.

We as cricket enthusiasts (not like his son-in-law J ) feel cheated and let down. He has given a new meaning to words stubborn, arrogant and shameless and while the nation despises him, Supreme court questions his involvement in the running of affairs of cricket body, he defies everyone and gets elected too for another term.


India’s only prominence in sports world is cricket, a game, which is hardly popular in 10 to 15 countries, and that game is also heading down the path, where it would be all about money.

What confuses us all is that these guys are either from affluent background or have strong political connections, so money would not be the only reason for them to stoop down so low.

 “God save the Indian Sports”

God Built him to Last : #42


This post has 412 words. It will take approximately 1 minute, 22 secondes for reading it.

I don’t remember the last time I did a movie review. Must have been a series of average, decent or good movies that I have watched, which though were good but were never enough or inspiring for me to write about them.

Here I am reviewing one of the best movies I have watched in recent times. 42…I am sure many of would not have watched it, considering the fact that I does not have masala, action and drama, we all so much love J

42 is a movie about a first black baseball league player. It’s one of the rarest movies, where you get to witness the struggle of a person against apartheid and discrimination with sports as a background.

Considering the sensitivity of subject, the team involved in making of the movie has done a commendable job in handling every scene very professionally…No where do you feel that the story is going out of line or there is a part which is not interesting.

On one hand you have Manger Branch Rickey (Harrison Ford, in one of his best roles), hell bent on getting a black player to be a part of basketball league and on the other hand, you have a hot headed player, Jackie Robinson (Chadwick Boseman) playing against all odds and winning it all the way.

One of the scene which is worth mentioning is, where Jackie is taunted by an opposite manager about him being a black. The taunting is so humiliating that any mild mannered man would have slammed the coach at that very moment. You as an audience feel like getting indie the movie and slamming the coah and here is the great man, playing his game and doing what he does best. Slamming the ball for home runs.

Sounds so filmy. Right? It would be, if this was a fiction movie but then this is a movie based on a real life story of Mr. Jackie Robinson, who was later inducted in the basketball hall of fame and inspired a generation of black players to play baseball.

Other than the two main protagonists, you would love the acting of Nicole Beharie, who plays Jack’s wife in the movie and Andre Hollack playing Wendell Smith, who stands by Jackie through thick and thin of times.

Hats off to Mr. Jack (#42) : God had actually built him to last.

As far as I am concerned…I am Inspired to review movies again J

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