The Great Indian Fool

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Making a fool of Public and then hiding it through various deceptive means is something our corporate houses and the political class have mastered.

I have been wanting to write this article for a long time and was waiting for a right moment and here they are.

This recent incident happened when a super famous corporate house, which has interests in ranging from industries to real estates was barred by Stock exchange board of India and then was chided by Supreme court for not following directions and while they were busy making a FOOL of us, another scam exploded and this time it was the chit scam.


The first one:

Not to be left aloof in such a situation and getting back to win public sympathy, the group has started portraying its love for Indian Public by issuing public statements and giving full page ads in leading newspaper, where they swear by Bharat Mata and pass on all the blame on government.

If only they were spending all this effort in returning money of investors, they have taken for a ride, we would be happy. Though the Indian public has been taken for a ride many times by politicians, chit fund companies, etc, etc, this is the first time I have seen someone coming out with ads supporting their act and then swearing by bharat mata, who by virtue of all the corruption has become non-existent J.

To spice up the matter further and reinstate their statement about them not being at fault, the group went on to create some kind of world record. Ahhh…So much drama and no results.

Why can’t our money be returned peacefully by these so called honchos, when they know this is our hard earned money. What we need is a simple statement saying that our money would be returned and not an expenditure of lakhs of rupees on newspaper ads and creating world records, where you show love for your country. Why can’t they just show some love for the aam junta, who spends all their life savings in your schemes, hoping to get a decent return.


The second one:

What is a chit fund? I don’t know but what I know is that anything followed by the word scam does not sound very pleasing and this is what this chit fund scam is all about. Bengal is a place, which is all about being a communist or a Trimool Congress person but now you have a new identity, which runs across earlier divisions and this is the Chit Fund Investor and if you are one, believe me, none of your earlier identities would be able to get back your returns.

This scam has just exposed the ugly underbelly of Bengal politics, where all the politicians from all the parties have done their best to loot public of their hard earned money. Result is a series of suicides, an enquiry by state government, which will yield no results, the blame game on who has swindled maximum money out of this scam, and the most amusing one, the baap of all tamashas “More tax on Cigrattes” LOL.

When I heard about it, I was laughing all out and it was such a pleasing sight to see both my Bengali partners, opposing this policy vehemently. After all, they would be contributing maximum to this scheme ;)


I don’t know, if Anna hazare or Arvind Kejriwal is going to save this country but my vote is reserved for anyone of them standing in next elections.

They might not be the next Obama or Gandhi but at least they promise hope to the Junta of this country battling the perception that they are not Fools and yet again and again, they are made to look like one.

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